Session 5 4:30 – 5:45

Band Practice 

Playing music with others and stepping out of your comfort zone is absolutely the best way to advance your musical skill and raise the bar on fun. Everyone attending the retreat (companions included) will be assigned to a “band” under the leadership of one of our esteemed instructors and meet with them Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, in anticipation of the really big show Friday night. Among other things, you will learn a little song arranging, a smidgen of band dynamics, some new performance skills, and how to play well with others. At the end of the retreat you will have a chance to strut your stuff during our last night’s “Battle of the Ukulele Bands & Student Cabaret.” It’s the most fun you’ll ever have with your ‘ukulele on. Humor, costumes, and props are definitely encouraged. (All levels)