Session 4   3:00 – 4:15

Mon, Wed, Thurs, & Friday

Ha’i Mo’olelo – Kaliko Beamer Trapp

Ha’i mo’olelo means “to tell stories” and is an opportunity to participate, as a student, in a rich oral tradition that spans centuries.  Kaliko Beamer Trapp has made the study of Polynesian culture and language his life’s work and is an engaging and informed story teller.  If you just want to take a little break from a busy day, kick your shoes off and relax while someone tells captivating tales of old Hawai’i, this is where you want to be. (Everyone welcome!)


Circle of Fifths – Fred Sokolow

Unlock the mysteries of music (and your ukulele fretboard) with this essential and informative workshop with Fred Sokolow, the man who wrote the entire Fretboad Roadmaps series. Among other things, you will learn that the Circle of 5ths is nothing to be afraid of! It’s simply a diagram that includes every note in the musical scale, one time, and one time only. It will help you find chords that work well together, show you  how to transpose (shift to a different key)quickly and easily, and help you create pleasing chord progressions and understand some of the ones you don’t even know you know! (All levels)

Slack Key Style Ukulele w/ Brad

Slack key guitar has long produced one of the most iconic and beloved sounds in Hawaiian music. In this workshop with Brad Bordessa, you will not only learn about this unique and traditional musical form, you will learn how to approximate the sound and technique of slack key on your ukulele. (Level 3 – 4)


We’ll all be at the beach!  But, even if you are not a swimmer, that doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to do.  Here are some of the activities we have planned while we wait for our beach burgers to cook!

  • A visit to the nearby Pu’ukoholā Heiau with Kaliko
  • Hula (calling all kane!) with Robyn
  • Kanikapila  with Fred and a few tunes about Hawai’i from Tin Pan Alley
  • A little star gazing with Lehua
  • And….let’s not forget a little swim!


Playing AND Singing – Brad

If you’re just starting out….or even if you’ve been playing awhile….you might find playing and singing, along with everything else you are trying to remember, a little challenging.  But in this workshop for players of all skill levels, Brad will unlock some of the mysteries so you can stop worrying and start having some serious fun. (All levels)

Wednesday- Thursday

Introduction to Soloing – Fred

So, you think you’d like to solo. There are lots of different approaches to “soloing,” and veteran musician Fred Sokolow is ready, willing, and able to teach you many of them. Not only will you learn a few simple basics, including how to solo in specific keys and using chords and major scales that go up the neck, you’ll learn how to solo using the blues box (the minor pentatonic scale.) Plus you will be in a safe and constructive environment and feel free to take a few chances. (Level 3 – 4)

Thursday & Friday

Hula Band – Robyn

Those hula dancers are going to need a little music to dance to.  So, if you’re not part of the dance troupe, you might as well be part of the band.  In this workshop Robyn will not only teach you how to play and sing Kainoa, she will also guide you through the intricacies of playing together, as a group, and learning to follow the direction of the dancers, who, after all, are the real stars of the show. (Level 2 -4)


Glass Slide ‘Ukulele – Fred

Here’s a slightly different approach to that lovely slide sound, one where you wear a glass slide on one of your fingers and slide it up and down the fret board rather than strumming.  You will need to bring your own glass slide to class.  This will be a fun demonstration and/or exercise for player of all skill levels.  (Level 2 -4)