Session 2 10:45 – Noon  

The second session of every day features some 5-day classes and a few multi-day classes. Here the focus is on putting the skills you have learned to fun and practical use.

Mon – Fri  

Even More Blues in A, D, G, C, & F- Fred Sokolow

Here is an opportunity for all retreat participants to get a sturdy handle on the blues as taught by Fred Sokolow, even if they didn’t take his Level 2 class, “A Key a Day.” At the same time, the students who are taking Fred’s core class will have this as an opportunity to take the things they they learned in class and reinforce them in a fun and practical way by applying those concepts while building a broad blues repertoire.  This is a drop-in class, with popular blues tunes in a different featured key each day and you can take any, or all, of them. Suitable for players of all skill levels.  Remember, it’s A Key a Day!

Beginning/Intermediate Hula – Robyn

Is your head hurting from all those chords? Is the seat of your chair just dragging you down? Maybe it’s time to bust out of that chair! Free your eyes from that paper and hula! Exploring music through dance is a great way to enhance your playing as you get a feel for the islands through hula and learn to tell the story with your body. In this beginning/intermediate class with Robyn Kneubuhl you will learn basic hula steps and how to express yourself  with your hands, eyes, hips and feet and the lovely Kanoa. It’s also a terrific way to learn about the real Hawai’i in a relaxed and fun way. (Everyone welcome!)

Mon – Tues

Hawaiian Rhythms –  Kaliko

Enter the exciting world of Hawaiian rhythms and instruments with Kaliko and your fellow students.  This class that proved to be so popular last year that we are offering it again, but for two sessions. Not only will you learn and practice keeping time with some basic rhythm techniques (a must for all ‘ukulele players), you will also have an opportunity to explore and experience traditional Hawaiian instruments. (All levels)

Mon – Wed 

“Kawika” – Brad Bordessa

“Kawika,” a powerful song recorded by Sunday Manoa in 1969, is considered by many to be the spark that ushered in the second Hawaiian Renaissance—a revitalization of the traditions, culture, and language of the Hawaiian people. In this 3-day workshop, players of all skill levels will work under Brad’s direction to learn this beautiful song while embracing the discipline and skill sets inherent in being part of an ukulele ensemble.  The goal is a performance-ready piece by the end of the week to delight and entertain your fellow retreaters. (Levels 2 – 3)

Thurs & Fri

Life Between the Notes – Brad Bordessa

Music is not about playing just the “right” notes.  It’s about the magic that can happen between them. This is the secret to unlocking the rowdy licks of famous Hawaiian-style players such as Troy Fernandez. In this workshop Brad Bordessa will teach you how to implement chromatic notes and common “run” shapes into a simple Hawaiian songs and turn them into something memorable and completely yours. WARNING: YOU WILL BE PLAYING WRONG NOTES. (Level 3 – 4)


Kawika – Kaliko

If you are going to sing a song in Hawaiian, you ought to, at the very least, learn to pronounce the words correctly. Using “Kawika” as a template, Kaliko will guide you through the subtle intricacies of the Hawaiian language so that you can sing loud and clear and, now, with confidence. (All levels)

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