Session 3   1:15 – 2:30pm

 We know that a lot of you were yearning for an extended break period after lunch to give your brains (and your fingers) a little rest, to practice what you learned in the morning, to jam with friends, or to head down to Mahukona for a swim with the tropical fish in an open-ocean aquarium.  And then there are some of you who just can’t seem to get enough ukulele.  So, to bridge that gap we’re adding a Tip a Day, one priceless nugget of musical information that, when practiced and applied, will alter your musical life forever.  The idea is that the instructor will, over 10 – 15 minutes only, share one timeless nugget for you take away and practice, practice, practice, until it is committed to muscle and musical memory.

Here’s who will be “on” and when:

Monday – Robyn

Wednesday – Fred

Thursday – Brad

Friday – Kaliko

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