Session 1 9:15 – 10:30

We’ll start each day with our core curriculum, a series of five-day classes designed to take people through the various skills they need to advance to the next level.

Beginning Ukulele – Kaliko Beamer Trapp

IF you are someone who maybe just got an ‘ukulele (or haven’t played the one you own very much) and maybe have a few chords under their belt, but still need diagrams for anything other than C, F, and G7 and have to stop between chord changes to move your fingers to the next location, this is where you belong. (If you’re a little more advanced, please read the individual workshop descriptions, before dismissing any of these as “too easy,” some are applicable to even more advanced players.)

The key to this class is the instructor. Kaliko Beamer Trapp, renowned for his friendly and approachable style, making learning to play the ‘ukulele fun, especially for complete novices. By the end of the week you’ll have a number of chords under your belt, be able to play in a couple of keys, and will feel comfortable joining other folks playing and singing together. The small class size guarantees you will be able to go at the speed needed by the group and take a few detours if necessary! This workshop is also open to “companions.” 

Beginning/Intermediate – Fred Sokolow

If you know a handful of chords, can move from one chord to another without having to think about it too much, can hold a steady rhythm, and can sing and strum at the same time,this is where you belong. (If you’re a little more advanced, please read the individual workshop descriptions, before dismissing any of these as “too easy,” there’s probably something here you’ll be able to take away with you.)

A Key a Day and Plenty of Blues.  How does that sound?  Not only are you going to wrap your heads around the blues in five different keys (A, D, G, C, & F), you’ll be learning your way up and down the fretboard with Fred Sokolow, the man who is the master of Fretboard Roadmaps.  Here’s a sprinkling of what you’ll learn on “Key of C Day:”
• a few blues tunes in the key of C
• where the major scale notes and blue notes are in C
• how to ad lib solos in the key of C
• some boogie licks in the key of C
• some bluesy chord shapes for the key of C
The thing is, the rules remain the same, no matter what key you are in. So everyday will reinforce what you learned the day before. And while there be opportunities to play during class, for further practice just playing and singing, you should also consider taking  Fred’s other class, “Even More Blues.”

Intermediate/Advanced – Robyn Kneubuhl

Here you are able to move efficiently between chord changes and are Looking to explore those areas up the neck.  You are also capable of producing a nice rhythmic strum.  Not yet ready for the big time, but you are looking for a BIT more of a challenge.

Are you ready to stretch your skill set, and increase your familiarity with the fret board and your repertoire? Then you are ready for this class with Robyn Kneubuhl, that will use “Royal Hawaiian Sunset” (and all of its intricacies) as a launching pad for medley creation, associated key changes, and much, much, more. “Of course,” says Robyn, “I do tend to stray off the beaten path, so be prepared to get dragged along.”  To get the most out of this workshop, you should be able (and/or willing) to play up the neck and learn some snazzy chord substitutions at the same time.

Advanced – Brad Bordessa

At this level you can hear I, IV, and V chords and you have mastered some chord inversions.  You know there is life above the fifth fret and have been there with barre or 4-fingered closed chords.

If you are ready for the next step, then you are ready to learn some of the tricks of the trade used by the seasoned pros.  In this workshop for advanced players, Brad will take his students through some of the strategies that he and other professional players use when “soloing.” At the same time, he’ll show you how to be a supportive/musical band member. And if you have a piece you’ve been working on, be sure to bring it to class for a gentle critique that will help you break out of your rut and take it to the next level.  Small class size guarantees everyone will have a chance to learn from Brad and from each other.

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