2017 Core Curriculum

Here is a summary of the core classes being offered at the  2017 Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat, October 15 – 21.  More detailed descriptions of the rest of the workshops and classes (including a few new ones by Gerald Ross) are available on our website. As you’ll see, we have a little bit of something for everyone!

And even though the rooms at the Kohala Village Inn are currently sold out, there are a number of very nice accommodations available off campus and there is always the possibility of a last minute cancellation.  So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d still like to join us this year.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief description of the core curriculum, a series of five-day classes designed to take people through the various skills they need to advance to the next level.

Level 1 – Kaliko Beamer Trapp

The key to this class is the instructor. Kaliko Beamer Trapp, renowned for his friendly and approachable style, making learning to play the ‘ukulele fun, especially for complete novices. By the end of the week you’ll have a number of chords under your belt, be able to play in a couple of keys, and will feel comfortable joining other folks playing and singing together. The small class size guarantees you will be able to go at the speed needed by the group and take a few detours if necessary! This workshop is open to “companions.” 

Level 2 – Brad Bordessa

With just a few chords under your belt, you are ready to venture “up a lazy river” with Brad Bordessa and get more comfortable using those chords, transitioning between them, and learning what else you can do with them, up and down the fret board, while expanding your musical horizons infinitely at the same time. This is a great workshop for beginning ukulele players because it will, quite simply and easily, launch you into the stratosphere of the number of chords you will have under your belt……and the number of chords you’ll be able to figure out on your own….all the while practicing and learning a few new tunes.

Level 3 – Kevin Carroll

Now you’re ready to move into musical genres as you learn the habits, tips, and techniques required to become a better musician’s musician, improving on comfortable skills and building a host of new ones, all wrapped inside a study of the gritty, rhythmic tones and textures of ‘Ukulele Blues & Soul. Think Bessie Smith or The Four Tops. Plus, in this 5-day class Kevin will be offering ample opportunities for vocalists, bass players, baritone, and standard ukulele players to expand their skills above and beyond. The net result will be an enhanced enjoyment of everything you do related to music, from listening and feeling to playing and projecting.

Level 4 – Gerald Ross

Here is where things really start to get interesting as Gerald takes an individualized approach to what the advanced students need in order to keep moving forward. More like a graduate symposium than a regular workshop, you should come away from this class with the information you need to create your own performance-worthy instrumentals. And if you want to sing along, Gerald will be teaching how to add a little “pizzazz” to your songs with snazzy intros, sophisticated chord substitutions, and memorable “outros.” Plus, the small class size means that everyone will get whatever personal attention they need. (If you can, bring a recording device so you can take a little Gerald home with you!)

To see what other classes and workshops await, or to register for individual workshops as kama’aina, please be sure to visit the website.